KTC Listed in 2013 Shenzhen Industrial Enterprises Top100
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2014-04-14 )

Shenzhen Economy and Trade and Information Commission and Shenzhen Statistic jointly issued the list of 2012 Shenzhen industrial enterprises top100 on Mar. 5. KTC has been listed in Shenzhen Industrial Enterprise Top100 for five years consecutively since 2009.

Shenzhen industrial maintain steady and rapid growth in 2013, KTC increased the growth of industrial output base on our own capacity. 2013 year our company's main primary business revenue, total profit, industrial added value and other indices were in Shenzhen industrial enterprises top100 list, and the ranking was better than a year before, fully shows the industrial level and the capacity of our company.

Last year, our company longitudinal development of display area, lunched variety of tablet PCs. The quality and cost performance competitiveness of our products constantly increase based on supply chain management, science and technology research and development, internal management and so on direction. We will continue to strictly require the quality in the future, provide customers with better products, achieve the enterprise mission of "Science and Technology Improve Our Life".