KTC Attended the 2015 Autumn Canton Fair
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2015-10-20 )

In October, the 2015 Autumn Canto Fair was held on October 19th, in Guangzhou Pazhou Hall come to an end. This year's Fair is still bursting with popularity, and our LCD TVs and tablet PCs are exhibited with good performance.


As the highlight of the year, the Marketing Department brought the latest researched A1, 81F and L91F series LCD TV, 800P71C, 800P72C, 101P61C, 116P61C series Tablet PCs to the exhibition, demonstrating the research and development result of our company. 


A1 series, as the flagship of our company has just launched the new series of LCD TVs, is the first time to be showed on the fair, which combines the industry's top scientific and technological processes, the thinnest at only 7.9mm, far below the standard definition 9mm in "ultra-thin television industry technical specifications”, reached the top ultra-thin realm. Slim inside, using South Korea imported LG 4KIPS hard screen ELED LCD panel with resolution of3840 * 2160 ultra-HD. Our philosophy is to uphold the people, to introduce health technology in A1 product added the anti-ray technology to filter out most of the short-wave blue backlight on television, long-term care of children's eyes, the prevention of myopia, so viewing more comfortable, and therefore set stylish appearance and excellent quality in one of the A1 is particularly significant in the exhibition, many customers visited our booth for the new product. The 11.6-inch ultra-thin notebook, the 7-inch tablet, L9X, L7X LCD TVs and other products are also popular because of its superior performance and customer's favor and praise.


The two seasons of Canton Fair of each year are the good opportunities for us to show new products and communication with professionals. Electronics industry changing all the time, the unchanging part is KTC people’s faith in “integrity management" and "customer first". We will continue to increase research and development strength, innovation, produce more, better products to meet demands of market and the customers.