The Products in HuiNan and SanDong Factories Got CCC Certificate
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2014-01-02 )

The products in our HuiNa and SanDong factories got CCC certificate on December 16th, it marks that the two factories product's quality, manufacturing processes, management, environment, and facilities got the CCC approval authority, laying the foundation for expanding capacity and providing customer with better services.

CCC is called "China Compulsory Certification", it is one of the most basic security certification in China compulsory execution, including product type experiment, factory supervision and inspection, which is a market access system of listing in the compulsory certification product by national laws and regulations.

In order to get product's CCC certificate of HuiNa and SanDong factories, earlier in the year, our company aim at the certification content to major plan and gradually improve, the factory leadership and relevant responsible are strict in the work, cooperation, ensure that the two factories pass the first factory inspection by China Quality Certification Center, and finally to get the CCC certificate.

In the future, we will hold "sincere services, quality is the root" business ideas, and constantly improve product's quality and service quality, in order to meet the requirements of customers.

Attachment 1:CCC certificate for HuiNan factory

Attachment 2:CCC certificate for SanDong factory