KTC was awarded Shenzhen Quality Strong City Key Enterprise
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2014-01-02 )

KTC was awarded "Shenzhen Quality Strong City Key Enterprise" by Shenzhen quality strong city promotion association recently. At the same time, our quality control department manager---Xiannian Yang was awarded "2013 Shenzhen Enterprise Excellent Quality manager".

It is reported that in recent years, Shenzhen work hard to promote the quality strong city, in the process of creating "Shenzhen Quality", spring up a batch of high quality, honest, brand, performance excellence enterprises. In order to build up quality strong city enterprise benchmark, encourage enterprises and entrepreneurs to further to promote "Quality Strong City", build "Shenzhen Quality", Shenzhen quality strong city promotion association carry out "Shenzhen quality strong city key enterprises" cognizance work. There are total of seven enterprises in Longgang area was awarded "Shenzhen Quality Strong City Key Enterprise": Huawei Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Hasee Computer Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Xinyi Automotive Glass Co. LTD, Jin Longyu Group Co. LTD, Shenzhen KTC Technology Co. LTD, Shenzhen Longcheng Property Management Co. LTD, Shenzhen Yalan Furniture Co. LTD.

It's known that the quality strong city key enterprise will enjoy the relevant incentive policy of government department, such as Shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureau set up the convenient window to give priority to deal with all kinds of inspection and quarantine procedures; Give priority to recommend the implementation of green channel and through train release system, give priority to recommend inspection-free enterprise qualification, etc. and market administration provide booking services for enterprise when registering the yearly check, production license; Give priority to conduct relevant inspection business when conducting special equipment inspection; Give priority to participate in all levels of government quality awards, quality working advanced unit, Guangdong famous brand product selection; Also can be used as basic reference of grading management, credit evaluation for enterprise.

Over the years, our company continuously strengthen the quality system and environmental protection, and set up a good quality control and environmental protection system. In early 2012, our company was awarded "2011 China Quality Credit Enterprise", which approved our quality management and affirmation of our brand influence and competitiveness, help us to further improve the quality and brand influence at the same time.