KTC Attended HuaYangShengNian Charitable Foundation Acknowledge Party
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2013-08-01 )

KTC attended the Charitable Funds Acknowledge Party in Shenzhen Xili University Town as a representative of compassion enterprise on July 27 night, the party also invited 65 sponsored children from Jiangxi Yudu and other love enterprise partners and volunteers. Taking this opportunity, HuaYangShengNian Charitable Foundation expressed his thanks to love enterprise, love partner, and volunteers, and called on everybody to help poor mountain area children to build a better future.

According to the introduction, HuaYangShengNian Charitable Foundation was founded in 2012, with "love shoes" and "one on one help" two long public welfare project. In November 2012, KTC attended the "Give love from us - Guizhou student walking" love shoes plan public welfare activities. "Love shoes" walk through Jiangxi Yudu, Guizhou Songtao, Guizhou Sandu, Hubei Xinhua, Chongqing Wanzhou, etc remote mountainous areas so far, had sent out 15000 pairs of "love shoes", benefited 15000 students, so this public welfare project was also welcomed by recipients.

KTC will continue to fulfill our social responsibility, help the children feel society love and give them confidence and hope, let them can study well, return society in the future when they have ability, continue to pass this love. At the same time, we also hope that more enterprises and volunteers with social responsibility to attend public welfare activities, help the mountainous areas children to realize study dream.