KTC’s First Self-developed Web TV to be Put into Volume Pro
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2010-08-10 )

   On August 6, KTC rolled out sample machines of 32T51 TV, our company’s first Web TV, which is certified to be conformed to quality standards through strict Quality Control testing and is expected to be put into volume production soon. This product signals a breakthrough in the field of Web TV and will soon land in the market.

   Web TV is featured by significant differentiations among products and high added value. Therefore, it arrives at the market as a hit among TV vendors and customers immediately. Buyers are presented with various selections of Web TV in the market. Our company has organized staff to carry out a lot of surveys and researches to seek the real need of customers on Web TV. After months of effort, our company has finally developed the very Web TV that customers really want.

   Four practical mainstream web functions have been integrated in 32T51 Web TV on the basis of Series T51’s fine appearance: 1. Online Video: the viewers can freely choose their favorite new movies, TV dramas and videos online through the web. In the past, “I can only follow the TV” and now “the TV should follow me”. 2. Link to Computer: now by simple settings, viewers can link their TV to their computer so that they can enjoy the movies, music and pictures, etc. stored in hard disk of computer on the TV screen. If blockbusters downloaded from internet are played on the big-size TV screen, it would be more wonderful. 3. News Customization: viewers can customize news content from news centers like Sino, Phoenix Web and China’s News Web; besides, they can follow their news taste to customize news of finance, sports and music. What if we term it “News Center of my own”? Fourthly, Weather Forecasting: viewers can freely customize the weather forecasting of main cities of China and the world to track the weather changes at any time.

   Besides, the Web TV has witnessed an upgrade in the function of USB. Several formats of stream media like RM, RMVB, and AVI are supported so that the TV can play almost any format of movies, music and pictures.