KTC New Panel Display Project (First-stage) Main Construction Passed Acceptance Inspection Successfully
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2013-06-04 )

Recently, KTC new panel display project (first-stage) main construction passed acceptance inspection successfully. This project is located in Huinan High-tech industrial park, covering a building area of 156 thousand ㎡with 9 buildings: 5 workshop buildings, 3 dormitory buildings and 1 canteen.

At that day, the 5 representatives from Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone Construction& Planning Bureau, Guangdong Huizhou Geology Exploration Institute, Northwestern Architectural Design Institutes Company Ltd., Guangdong Jianke Construction Administration and Management Company Ltd., Huizhou Architectural Engineering Corporation, and KTC’s general manager, Ling Huizheng and all the staffs from Infrastructure Department participated in this acceptance inspection. The inspecting team had a strict inspection on the materials, such as our project and quality guarantee data. They believed that the construction specifications and executive standards of this project’s main construction meet the requirements of contract and relevant laws and regulations and the pass yield of sampling inspection reached 100%. Therefore, the inspecting team accepted our project unanimously.

KTC new panel display project (first-stage) was started on Jul. 8, 2012. Leaders at all levels from Huizhou Government, Zhongkai High-tech zone, Huinan High-tech industrial park have paid high attention to our project. Meanwhile, Infrastructure, Financial and other departments worked together with Construction Administration and Management Company and Huizhou Architectural Engineering Corporation, smoothing away all difficulties. After 10-month’s hard working, we passed the acceptance inspection of main construction successfully. It is reported that this project will come into service in the next half year, which will bring new power to our company’s development.


workshop building
dormitory and canteen(Left),KTC Housing Property Department General Manager Ling Huizheng is inspecting the installation of street lamps carefully.(Right)