Our LCD backlight module workshop is expanding the output so
( Source: KTC   /  Send time: 2009-12-31 )

        It is revealed by the Engineering Dept. that our LCD backlight module production lines are expanding the output in the near future, as the number of production lines is expected to increase from 2 to 6 at the beginning of Jan. 2010. That marks our stronger capability for the vertical integration of industry and greater product competitiveness.
        In recent years, our LCD TVs and monitors business has been developing rapidly in both the domestic and international markets and thus we have an increasing demand for LCD screen now. In order to relieve the impact on our business exerted by the fluctuation of the international LCD screen market and further reduce our manufacturing cost of each complete unit, we decide to join in the small and medium LCM assembly business.
        We have started to produce the LCD backlight modules independently since from the first successful launch of our LCD backlight module production lines on 31st Aug. 2009. 
         Now we have put 2 LCM assembly lines of up to 100-grade cleanliness into service, with 4 additional ones under installation and commissioning and to be put into service at the beginning of Jan. 2010. By then, we shall achieve a monthly output of 150,000 pieces.