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L11 Series LED TV Coming Up, As Slim As Paper
( Source:internet   /   Editor:ktc   /   Send time:2010-03-17 )

        According to R & D department, the new L11 series 18.5″ and 21.5″ LED TVs have passed tests before mass production. L11 Series LED TV has a slim framework, with the thinnest part only 1.55CM. Because of its chic and simplicity, it has already drawn the attention of a vaster number of new and old customers before its launching into market. 

         L11 Series LED TV is our first self-developed LED television with a slim frame, thinnest part being only 1.55CM, or thinner than a Paper; this series feature LED screen, mercury-free technology, super long life, high performance, low power, brighter and clearer picture, deeper colors; transparent acrylic support base can freely rotate around, allowing you to enjoy the visual feast from any angle at home; the transparent and decorative belt beneath the screen is in match with the transparent support base, touching you off unlimited lively mood; LED TV USB2.0 video playback has added for your home entertainment its own movie channel; use of the mainstream glossy traceless injection molding process gives a mirror-like experience; environment-friendly material deliver care on your health.



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