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A Group Led by Yang Yuzhi, Deputy Mayor of Hezhou, Visited Huizhou KTC
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On the afternoon of May 8, a group led by Yang Yuzhi, Deputy Mayor of Hezhou, visited Huizhou KTC for field inspection, accompanied by Zhen Linlin, member of the CPC Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee in Huinan Hi-tech Industrial Park. Ling Huizheng, KTC’s General Manager, received them and introduced in detail our production and operation conditions and development planning.

The group first visited our exhibition hall and learned about our latest products and technical highlights of the products. Then Mayor Yang inspected our production line, and highly affirmed our innovative management mode and intelligent production capacity.

Since KTC went into full operation in Huinan Hi-tech Industrial Park, we have been receiving substantial support from leaders and authorities at different levels. With these favorable policies, KTC will continue its efforts in innovation to manufacture more hi-tech needs-based products, and give back to society more professional products and services of higher quality.

A Group Led by Yang Yuzhi, Deputy Mayor of Hezhou, Visited Huizhou KTC



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