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Shenzhen Vice-Mayor Wu Yihuan Visited and Surveyed KTC Group
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At the afternoon of May 18,Shenzhen Vice-Mayor Wu Yihuan led a team to visit KTC Group and conduct research and guidance work,together with Gao Xumin,Vice Chief Executive of Longgang District Government,as well as some leaders from municipal  Internal Revenue Service,Municipal Technology Innovation Committee,Municipal Economic and Trade Information Committee,Municipal Territorial Planning Committee,Municipal Human Resource Resources Security Department,Sub-district Office of Bantian in Longgang District. Li Yubin,CEO of KTC Group,and other senior leaders warmly welcomed ours guests and made a work report.


Shenzhen Vice-Mayor Wu Yihuan Visited and Surveyed KTC Group


Shenzhen Vice-Mayor Wu Yihuan Visited and Surveyed KTC Group


Vice-Mayor Wu Yihuan toured around the exhibition hall and office area of KTC Group,and experienced on-site work in KTC. He also helped to solve the problems KTC encountered after listened carefully the operation situation and appeals of KTC Group. During the visit,Vice-mayor Wu Yihuan said ”it has been five years since he last time visited KTC Group in 2012.I can tell, KTC has made great achievement and improvement over production and operation situation year by year.” He also gave fully affirmation on the achievement KTC Group has achieved in recent years in some respects,including production R&D,technology innovation and product differentiation.


Shenzhen Vice-Mayor Wu Yihuan Visited and Surveyed KTC Group


On the forum,Li Yubin,CEO of KTC Group,made a thorough discussion with Vice-Mayor Wu over the aspects of technology innovation,talent introduction,company’s costs, Park facilities and staffs’ welfare guarantee. Vice Mayor Wu and responsible person of related units helped to handle concrete problems that KTC encountered by interactive analysis,communication and coordinate. They also promised that they will summarize and analyze those problems after they back to office and handle them as soon as possible. Vice-Mayor stated that they will continue paying attention to KTC as they used did and hope KTC would achieve greater breakthrough and thrive in this fertile ground of Shenzhen.


CEO Li Yubin,on behalf of KTC Group,expressed sincerely appreciation for the care and encouragement from Vice-Mayor Wu and all-level leaders and committed that KTC will spare no effort to boost products’innovation and market exploitation,providing more high quality products and service to feedback society,as well as making greater contribution in promoting the economic development in Shenzhen and the transformation and upgrading of entity economy.



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