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Mr.Zou,director of Huizhou technology bureau,visited KTC Huinan factory
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On February 23, Mr.Zou,director of Huizhou technology bureau,led a team to visit KTC Huinan factory,and propagate policy and effective guidance.


At the symposium, Ling Huizheng from property branch and Wu Chirong, Huinan factory director,reported KTC's current technology innovation,high-tech achievement transformation and future development plan,as well as pointed out the difficulties we are facing. Director Zou responded these questions one by one,and fully affirmed the achievements KTC achieved in high and new technology development. At the same time, Director Zou detailed government related plan about high-tech development and industrial policy, and encouraged KTC to declare actively and continue strengthening R&D and innovation.


As we all know,the development of enterprise depends on technology innovation. Under good policy guided by Huizhou government,KTC will continue to carry forward their own advantages and, as always, committed to high-tech innovation and development,to become a bigger and stronger enterprise,making more contribution to national high and new technology development.


Mr.Zou,director of Huizhou technology bureau,visited KTC Huinan factory



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