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KTC Commercial Technology Won 2016 Best ODM Supplier for Liquid Crystal Display Device
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On December 21,the 8th China (international) commercial display system industry leaders summit was held in Shenzhen Kylin Villa grandly. KTC commercial technology won 2016 best ODM supplier for liquid crystal display device.


This summit was sponsored by China Commercial Display System Industrial Alliance,China wisdom city contribution investment alliance and Shenzhen commercial display system industrial promotion association,assisted by Shenzhen Nanshan economy promotion association and AVC. As an commercial display industrial annual summit,it can be considered as a commercial display gather of thought,honor and milestone.


Adhering"exploring ecological industrial,analyzing industrial opportunity and imaging industrial future" industry consensus,this summit regarded "chatting trend,winning future" idea as a duty command of promoting development,attracting many outstanding commercial display manufacturers attended. Liao Kehua,KTC commercial technology general manager,attended the summit and be awarded cup and honorary certificate.


Guiding by customers' need and stimulating by technology innovation,KTC commercial technology will strengthen R&D and promote enterprise core competitiveness to provide superior products and technological support for each customer. KTC commercial technology has been dedicating to producing commercial display products,pursuing perfect. 


KTC Commercial Technology Won 2016 Best ODM Supplier for Liquid Crystal Display Device



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