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Our company attended Germany Berlin IFA Exhibition
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On September 8, 2016 Berlin international consumer electronics and home appliances exhibition (IFA) successfully ended in the German capital,Berlin. IFA fair is considered to be the most popular in worldwide and on behalf of the highest level exhibition in world home appliance industry. Our company brought many products,combined the latest R&D science and technology and innovation,to Berlin fair. These products are welcomed by the majority of customers and win industry recognition.


On the IFA fair, we displayed the A1, B1, K1, L73, L81, L82, L83, L91, L92 series products,omni-directional meets the customer need on the product performance, appearance, sensory, cost efficient and so on. Our booth design is simple and easy, pure white commensurated with KTC purple, building a warm and fashional negotiation atmosphere.


Jens Heithecker,IFA Global Director,gave a warm welcome to Chinese companies to attend the IFA fair,who came from a long distances, including our company . He pointed out that at present the Chinese electrical appliances and electronics companies pay more and more attention to IFA fair. And accordingly, IFA also provides an important opportunity for Chinese companies, especially large well-known enterprises,to explore the international market.


Each exhibition is a collision between technology R&D communication and scientific and technological innovation. Our company has been continuously intensifying research and development,sticking on innovation and development, diligently pursuing the best products and services. Customers favour and industry recognition are our greatest motivation and harvest. KTC group " professional services, create affection",always be consistent over the past 21 years!


Our company attended Germany Berlin IFA Exhibition


Our company attended Germany Berlin IFA Exhibition


Our company attended Germany Berlin IFA Exhibition


Our company attended Germany Berlin IFA Exhibition


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