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Tai chi chuan Professional Course Carried out in BanTian Factory
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In order to enrich employees' life,relax themselves and  improve their health after work, our company applied for and attended "2016 sports public course teaching, free measurement of physical fitness" activities held by ShenZhen LongGang Art and Sport Tourism and LongGang Social Sports Instructors Association. The first phase of yoga classes ended on August 15, and the second phase of Tai chi chuan class is still ongoing,a total of 16 classes for the Tai chi chuan.


Tai chi chuan classes start at 6 PM each Monday and Wednesday, one hour for each class. On August 22, Tai chi chuan class officially opened in BanTian factory basketball court. Thirty or forty employees take part in the course. Under Tai qi chuan teacher's professional guidance,their body and spirits get fully exercise,and achieve the effect of relaxing body, mind and spirit.


Launching art and sport activities such as yoga and tai chi chuan,helps staff mold their temperament,fortify their health,build active and healthy enterprise atmosphere.We are looking forward to more colleagues to take participate in the art and sport activity and work in happy and healthy life!


Tai chi chuan Professional Course Carried out in BanTian Factory


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