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KTC Held the Second "Horion Cup" the Award Ceremony of Essay Competition

On the morning of July 7, KTC group held the second "Horion Cup" the award ceremony of essay competition on the training center of group headquarters. Mr. Wu,the secretary of the party committee in KTC park and the chairman of trade union, attended the event.


After the success of holding the KTC 20th anniversary essay competition in the theme of "Home" last year,we continue to hold this essay competition in the theme of "Happiness" in April this year,which also gets the strong support from the group's leadership and the enthusiastic response from the staff. After collected, filtered, WeChat voted, the judges scored and summary results,eight superior works finally selected from numerous contributions. Yuan Xinping from the human resources department won the first prize and he believes that happiness lies in the hands of each person on his article "What is Happiness",in which reflects big things through small one, draws the outline of the happiness in plain language, visualizes the abstract happiness. Its welcomed by most people and came out on top of the list of score after reviewed by 80 reviewer and got 1780 votes from  WeChat. Zheng Jing from A Branch of Big customers and Lin Zhenmei from the after-sale service department won the second prize.The third prize winners are Wei Junna from the human resources department,Guo Dongmei and Huang Yuting from the finance department,Mei Hanhua from the administrative office and Xiao Chufan from the commercial technology.


What is happiness? Different people or the same person at different age or under different mental state have different understanding of happiness.In the big family of KTC, we are all happy,just as the award-winning work"Happiness is Nearby" shows that since came in KTC,we not only received the first paycheck and met talent scout,but also felt the happiness because we got the affirmation and recognition from leadership.KTC brings us material benefits,at the same time, and provides stage for us to realize life value. Let's enjoy the happiness at work with a positive and thankful heard and make an effort to grow up and make progress together with the company!


KTC Held the Second 'Horion Cup' the Award Ceremony of Essay Competition


KTC Held the Second 'Horion Cup' the Award Ceremony of Essay Competition



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