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Our Company Participated in the Activity of Green Fund Planting
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On May 17th, 2015, we are invited by the Shenzhen Green Foundation to participate the Shenzhen Green Foundation Unit 2015 "Green Shenzhen • livable home "voluntary tree planting activity,in Longgang District area , Ji Gutian, which jointly organized by the Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau, Longgang District Urban Management Bureau, 


Our company has a long relationship with Shenzhen Green Foundation; we have showed out great support in the previous activities held by the organization. Thousands of public-spirited people came from all directions, with green horn sounded, we are actively involved in tree planting activities, and we were also impressed by the enthusiasm to dedicate ourselves to the activity.


Development is inseparable from the survival of our environment, love nature; protect the earth, to give ourselves a clear blue sky. Our company always participates in public services to pay back for the society and create a better life.




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