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We are a hi-tech enterprise who focuses on manufacturing computer monitor and displaying products. According to our company purchasing policy, we choose vendor partners with best price and quality in the purpose of win-win and co-development.

Intentional vendors please input your products and company information into related purchasing platform. We will classify all information in a specific period and contact you. Also welcome your direct contact with our purchasing team.

When you first login, it is necessary for you to choose a related material in the purchasing platform according to your products and press “I am intentional to be a vendor” to establish your company information. Then, you can login with a user name and password later.

After you submit your company information, you can modify your information after you input your user name and password. Our system is designed to keep confidential for your personal information so as to avoid that your information is possibly used by the third party.



Purchasing Policy    ICP Number: 17017720

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