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Shenzhen KTC Technology Group consists of subsidiary companies which include Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen KTC Commercial Display Technology Co., Ltd.,Shenzhen KTC Medical Solutions CO.,LTD.,Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd and so on, KTCHorion, and FPD are all brands belong to KTC Group.


KTC is the English abbreviation of KTC Group, it is the earliest registered brand, representing the Group's factory image. KTC focuses on OEM/ODM business of LED TV, Tablet PC, monitors,Medical display and commercial display products.


Horion is our own brand, the Chinese name is Hao Li, mainly sold online and offline in China, Hao Li products cover all products in KTC Group. Online sales mainly through Hao Li Directing Online Shop, other online platforms like JD Mall, and so on, off- line sales through area distributors and area agencies.


Chinese name of FPD is Fu Bite, focuses on flat panel display production and sales of its components. KTC has 10 LED Light Bar Production Lines ; 8 Main board Lines; 5 Power Supply Board Lines ; 12 SMT Lines ; 13 LCM Backlight Module Lines; 2 Monitor Production Lines; 12 TV / Monitor Assembling lines ; 5 Film Cutting Lines ;13 AI Production lines;2 Commercial Display Product Production Lines, a complete industrial chain relying on its strong vertical integration and manufacturing strength, KTC Group sales various parts of FPD (Fu Bite) products, can also produce according to customer demand.


Shenzhen KTC Commercial Display Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in sales and production of commercial display products; mainly include with Digital Signage,Industrial CCTV Monitors,LCD Video Wall,Interactive Whiteboard and Commercial TV Series.


Shenzhen KTC Medical Solutions CO.,LTD. has been dedicating to the R&D,production and sale in medical device display product,such as diagnostic display, ultrasound image display, endoscopic & surgical display, Pacs intergrated display, consultation display, multi-functional detector.



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